Jordon & Chad

How did the two of you meet?

We met through mutual friends. Jordon was home for the summer from college and Chad had just graduated from SEMO. We both had decided to go out one night and we began speaking when we ran into each other. We hung out every day after that and we just really hit it off! 

Describe the proposal.

We went downtown St. Louis to the Millennium Hotel. They have a 360 spinning restaurant overlooking downtown St. Louis. We went to brunch there. It was a beautiful site to see. Then Chad took us to the City Museum for most of the day. We played like children, took tons of pictures, and had a blast. Chad reached for his pocket at one point at the Museum and I saw that he was maybe going to pull out the ring. I looked at him said, “If you propose to me here with 1,000 little kids I will lose it!” He began to laugh because if you know Chad at all, you know that he loves to tease and aggravate people and that is exactly what he was doing to me! We then left the city museum to head home. I was a little bummed because I was confused thinking he was going to propose, but he didn’t. When we got home I decided to run an errand. Once I was in the car, I knew that it was getting late and there was NO way he would propose. When I returned to our apartment all of the lights were off. There were candles everywhere and a fire was made. In our living room Chad had built a fort (kid at heart I must say). He was in fort with champagne and down on one knee. He then asked me. We enjoyed our evening by ordering sushi, sitting in front of the fire, drinking champagne, and sharing the news with our family and friends. 

Theme of the wedding?

I wanted romance, elegance, and classic. I wanted to be able to look back at my photos and for them to be timeless. We had colors of light pink, gold, ivory, and champagne. Tons of candles were all over our reception. It really captured the true romance of the day.

Favorite detail of the wedding?

My mom passed away when I was 13 years old on November 1, 2003. Chad and I decided to get married on November 1, 2014. We chose this day to not only celebrate our love, but to honor my mother. It was the best way to make it feel as she was truly a part of our special day. Kathy Johnson (our florist) put together an area to honor my mother. It had her wedding dress, wedding invitation, wedding veil, and wedding photo all on display. The area was surrounded by candles and her favorite flower, pink roses. It was a great way to honor her and keep her a special part of the day.

Favorite moment during the day?

My favorite moment was my dad’s speech. If you know my dad, he doesn’t always show the best emotion. His speech was the most heartfelt thing I have ever heard from him. He truly accepted Chad in that speech and told him, “He didn’t lose a daughter today, I’ve gained a son.” That made me feel so incredibly special and that Chad was truly a part of my family now.

Worse moment of the day?

I know it sounds silly, but there really wasn’t any issues during the wedding day. If I had to say anything it would be that my veil fell out of my hair during the ceremony, but honestly no one really noticed. It wasn’t a big deal at all. My maid of honor had me covered!

Finding the dress… explain the moment you knew it was the one. Oh the dress!

I went to look at dresses with my figure skating coach, Ashlee. I didn’t want a lot of people with us because I can get really flustered easily around a lot of people. Ashlee and I were walking around Maiden Voyage Bridal picking gowns to try on and Ashlee pulled “the gown.” I said, “Ashlee, no way, that dress is ugly. I don’t want to try it on.” Well, somehow that dress ended up in the dressing room. I put in on and mouth dropped. Ashlee and I knew immediately it was the one.

Biggest challenge you had with planning the wedding?

Challenges surround weddings! First, we had to push back our date due to my dad moving out of the country. It was a huge bummer, but in the end it worked out even better. Second, we went through 5 wedding coordinators at our reception hall. So, we hardly could ever keep the contracts straight because they were constantly changing things on us. And finally, five weeks before the wedding, we had to end our professional relationship with our florist and find a new one due to no response from them regarding my wedding. But, this ended up being a blessing in disguise!

Words of wisdom to future brides.

Honestly, all I can say is just know in your heart that everything is going to work out the way it is supposed to. The day goes by so fast nothing could ruin it. It was the best day of my entire life and I would go through all the hustle to again to relive those 24 hours. Just keep your head up and know that it is about you and your future husband and at the end of the day that is all that matters.

Any unexpected funny moments?

Chad froze up at the alter during our vows because he gets nervous public speaking in front of a large crowd. The deacon who married us had to repeat his line like 4 times. He had everyone in the congregation laughing. It really lightened the mood and had me laughing and smiling all the way through our vows.

How was your wedding day?

Everything and more? The absolute best day of my entire life. It was perfect.

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Ceremony Location

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Cape Girardeau, MO

Reception Location

The Venue in Cape Girardeau, MO


The Venue


Complete DJ from St. Louis, MO


Kathy Johnson with Helen’s Florist from Sikeston, MO


Sheri Grippo with Bella Bambino Photography in Cape Girardeau, MO

Wedding Cake

Tammy Turner Cakes in Dexter, MO

Wedding Gown

Lazaro Wedding Gown from Maiden Voyage Bridal in Manchester, MO


Rental Land Special Events in Cape Girardeau, MO

Hair and Make- up


Jamie Drum with First Impressions Techniques in Cape Girardeau


Shellie Pisciotta with David Anthony Salon & Spa from Lake Saint Louis