Jackie & Tyler

How did the two of you meet?

Tyler and I met through mutual friends. My best friend, Courtney, is married to Tyler’s college fraternity brother, Davie. Somehow, Tyler and I made it through four years of college and three years after college without meeting each other. This seems kind of crazy since we regularly hung out with many of the same people.

 Describe the proposal.

My cousin (who was also my maid of honor), Coley, and my brother, T.J., were coming in town from St. Louis to go to the concert with me in Kansas City. We ended up not getting concert tickets, but they still insisted on coming to visit. At that point, I was suspicious that something was going on.Tyler could tell I was suspicious, so instead of waiting for Coley and T.J. to get into town, he surprised me by proposing in the morning.We decided to go for a morning workout. I was really annoyed about it because we frequently talked about going to the gym in the morning, but we always woke up and decided to press the snooze button instead. This time he guilted me into it. Our gym has two buildings and we normally workout in opposite buildings. So, when I was kicking butt on the treadmill, he pretended to go to the other side of the gym.He actually drove home, made breakfast, lit candles, and put rose petals all over the floor. He also put water on his face and hair to make it look like he had been sweating. When he came back to the gym to pick me up, I had no idea that he had been gone. When I walked into the house, my first thought was, “What is all of this junk on the floor?” Then when I saw the candles, it all made sense. I was totally not expecting it to happen in the morning and it was absolutely perfect. I was so excited that I don’t even remember what he said. The engagement was absolutely perfect for me! I hate anything corny…even writing this is making me cringe. So the fact that I was not dressed up and looking pretty made the entire proposal seem more real to me and not a storybook fantasy proposal that some girls want.

Theme of the wedding?

Classic & Classy

Favorite detail of the wedding?

The church. It is such a beautiful church, and it was the perfect size. We did not have many decorations at the ceremony because we did not want to take away from the church itself.

Favorite moment during the day?

This is the most impossible question. We loved every minute! Tyler says his favorite moment was when he saw me in my dress for the first time, but I think he is just saying that because that is what he is supposed to say =). I really liked walking down the aisle. It’s a surreal feeling to be in that moment. Obviously, it was fantastic to see Tyler at the other end of the aisle, but I also loved seeing so many familiar faces in the pews.

Finding the dress… explain the moment you knew it was the one.

I had gone to a few bridal shops, but nothing really stuck out to me. It was the first dress I saw when I walked into Nolte’s Bridal. No other dress came close in comparison. It was the exact cut and style that I wanted. It could not have been more perfect!

Biggest challenge you had with planning the wedding?

The biggest challenge was working with our reception venue. Other than that, the biggest challenge was trying to plan a wedding from six hours away while balancing work and school. It was a bit overwhelming!!

Words of wisdom to future brides.

With your future husband, choose three things about your wedding that are most important to the two of you. Those are the things you should worry about. Try not to stress too much about the other stuff. Our top three were the entertainment, people, and my dress (It took some convincing to get the dress in the top 3 =). I found that I was stressing too much about little things like the shade of white I wanted to use for our table skirts or the type of candle to have in the candelabra. In the end, those minor details were not worth the stress.

 Any unexpected funny moments?

My dad’s speech! We have never heard him give a formal speech, and I had no idea that he would be so funny!

Also, one of our guests stole the microphone from the band and sang all of the words to “Call me Al.” It was pretty hilarious.

How was your wedding day? Everything and more?

Yes. It always annoys me when people say that it was the best day of their life, but I totally understand now. It was so wonderful to marry Tyler and to have such a fun celebration with our family and friends.


Ceremony Location

Old St. Vincent Church, Cape Girardeau

Reception Location

The Venue


The Venue


Lost Wax


Wendy Durham


Katherine Corea Photography

Wedding Cake

Hoeckele’s Bakery

Wedding Gown

Designer: Stephen Yearick , Store: Nolte’s Bridal

Wedding Planner

Trisha Mothershead

Hair and Make- up


Curtis Linscott    


Phi Trinh