Taylor & Travis

How did the two of you meet?

I had just moved home and was kind of bummed out because I thought I knew everyone in Sikeston already. However, a mutual friend said she knew of a guy that I would hit it off with. Travis didn’t know I was going out that night specifically to meet him, so he didn’t talk to me that much, ha! Eventually, when we both knew that mutual friends wanted us to meet; we really did hit it off. And the rest is history!

Describe the proposal.

Travis had wanted to go fishing for a while and we finally had a weekend morning picked out to go. I even went out and bought a pink pole! I knew something was up when we made it to our destination and he was not as concerned as I was about assembling said pole. Instead, we walked along the river for a while and he proposed right there on the prettiest sunny morning. We totally skipped the fishing and went to eat brunch at The Glenn to celebrate.

Theme of the wedding?

We really didn’t have a theme–the overall idea was for it to be fun and to minimize stress. We focused on mood lighting and music and I think that really showed. The big globe string lights lit up the backyard perfectly and no one wanted the band to stop playing!

Favorite detail of the wedding?

I think my favorite detail was that the details didn’t matter too much! It didn’t matter that it rained all day and one of our white tents broke—we just set up some multicolored tailgate tents over the band. The flowers were all a little different because my friends and family assembled them all. Every bridesmaid looked her best in her own way, down to funky shoes and different hair styles, they had very few matching details. The ceremony was not perfect down to every detail because the church double-booked Friday night and we had to wing it with no rehearsal! It was just an honest celebration and any details we lacked really didn’t matter at the end of the day. We think the quirks made it more memorable than any “perfect” wedding we could have had.

Favorite moment during the day?

I had such a great time taking pictures before the ceremony. Our whole wedding party, which was full of so many different personalities, mingled really well and we just soaked it up (and soaked up some rain!) and enjoyed ourselves. I will always remember almost blowing away into the Mississippi River, wrecking my wedding hair, to get some awesome pictures.

Worse moment of the day?

In retrospect—nothing. In the moment—I did freak out a bit around 10am while I watched from the window as a wind storm came in and took out the tent that was to be over the band. My bridesmaids calmed me down quickly! Luckily we have the best friends, family, and neighbors there are and they worked allll day in the rain to whip the backyard into shape the best they could. I didn’t know we used Mizzou and various tailgate tents until I got there after the ceremony, and it will always remind me of how the neighborhood came together to help us pull off our big day!

Finding the dress… explain the moment you knew it was the one.

I got my dress at David’s Bridal, which was never my plan. However, after trying on dresses that I only felt lukewarm about and that were over budget, I gave it a shot. I had told one shop that I just wanted something classic—no rhinestones, no lace, no tulle, no beads. She good-naturedly replied “I think you’re in the wrong store!” I found my beautifully plain dress (complete with pockets!) for a steal at David’s Bridal. I knew as soon as I put it on that it was the one I wanted. I added a belt for detail and it was perfect.

Biggest challenge you had with planning the wedding?

While scrolling through Facebook one day I came across a local news story about a woman who was panicking because a certain rental company was closing their doors and not honoring the rentals for her daughter’s wedding. I read on, shocked, as the article said that the company was closing one week before our wedding! But the company had never called us, surely we were in the clear? Right? Turns out, we were not! One month before our wedding and we had no tables or chairs. Thank goodness for the Facebook story, otherwise we may never have known until the wedding day that we needed to make other arrangements.

Words of wisdom to future brides.

Don’t worry, be happy! There is nothing that can go wrong! Take it from the girl who had the rental company close last minute, a rainy outdoor reception with borrowed last minute tents, no rehearsal, the frizziest hair day of her life, and mud halfway up her wedding dress (good thing I went with the low-budget one!). It will still be the best day!

Any unexpected funny moments?

Taking pictures by the river was pretty comical—the wind was so strong that the water was white capping! Our dresses were flying up and I thought our little photographer may fly away!

How was your wedding day? Everything and more?

It really was! We had such a great time and felt so lucky to have so many people come together to make it a memorable day.


Ceremony Location

Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church

Reception Location

Sikeston, MO parent’s backyard


Lamberts and Dexter Barbeque


The Sensations Band & DJ Combo


Kelsey Jenkins

Wedding Cake

Susan White of Suzycakes

Wedding Gown

David’s Bridal