Catherine & Stephen

How did the two of you meet?

We first met at a family gathering in the Summer of 2010. Stephen was one of my cousins best friends. We instantly felt a connection and had our first date on September 5th, 2010. Exactly five years later we got married.

Describe the proposal.

After being apart for Christmas, Stephen flew from Chicago to St. Louis, rented a car and drove 100 miles to my hometown, to surprise me on my front door steps with a proposal. Stephen had a photographer hiding in the bushes to capture the special moment.

Theme of the wedding?

The theme of the wedding was classic and elegant. The colors were shades of gold, cream, champagne, and blush.

Favorite detail of the wedding?

My favorite detail of the wedding was my wedding bouquet. It was wrapped with pieces of my grandma’s wedding dress. It also had a charm attached to it that she wore on her wedding day.

Favorite moment during the day?

My favorite moment of day was walking down the aisle and seeing Stephen at the end of it. The emotions at that time were so special; they could never be repeated. Worse moment of the day? The announcer at the reception mixed up some of the introductions of the wedding party. It was covered up quickly but still didn’t go as planned.

Finding the dress… explain the moment you knew it was the one.

My whole family came in town to help me find my perfect dress. I had flown in from Dallas, my twin sister had flown in from Oregon, my mom drove up from Cape Girardeau, MO, and my older sister lives in St. Louis so she was already there. We had an appointment at Fleur De Lis and I tried on about 4-5 dresses. The whole experience was so much fun. I was the only bride in the store and they served us champagne as I tried on dresses. When I tried on the Judd Waddell dress, I knew I had found the one I loved. It was perfect! I was in love with how the dress flowed. It had horsehair organza which I had never seen before. The dress made me feel like a princess.

Biggest challenge you had with planning the wedding?

Stephen and I both lived in Dallas and the wedding was in St. Louis so we had to rely on my mother to take care of many of the details. We had to make numerous trips to St. Louis for dinner tastings, cake tastings, dress fittings, floral selections, etc, but it was all worth it. We had both attended St. Louis University and so having the wedding in St. Louis where we met was important to us. It was worth the extra effort to have such a perfect wedding.

Words of wisdom to future brides.

There were a few things that went wrong during the reception but none of our guests noticed them, so you just have to know that things might not be exactly as you had planned but at the end of the ceremony you are married to the person of your dreams and that is the only thing that matters. I think it is amazing that so many family and friends fly from all over the country to help you celebrate this one day in your life. It just meant the world to us to have so many people around us that cared for us.

How was your wedding day? Everything and more?

Our wedding day was amazing. To walk in to the church and see Stephen at the front of the church was everything I had ever dreamed of. All of the decorations and flowers turned out exactly how we had wanted. It was truly the best day ever.



                            Ceremony Location                              

  Lady of the Lourdes

                                     Reception Location                                        

Historic Coronado Ballroom


Butler’s Pantry


Spectrum Band


Belli Fiori  (Lisa Molitor)


Clair Bira of Imageclairity


Tower Studios

                                             Wedding Cake                                              

Sarah’s Cake Shop

                                            Wedding Gown                                         

    Fleur De Lis in Clayton

                                           Hair and Make-up